9 tips to combat insomnia

    1.- Practice some exercise regularly.
    Simply walking more than 30 minutes at a brisk pace. It will help you release stress, boost your health and feel more tired at night. Try to avoid the practice before going to sleep, because you can wake up .
    2.- Establish a sleep routine
    Every day, you should respect a regular schedule for bedtime and wake up.
    It’s important you persist for at least a month, because any activity used to need to be repeated 20 or 30 times in order to become a daily routine.
    3.- Light and digestive meals.
    Try to wait 3 hours after dinner to go to rest.
    4.- Watch a relaxing TV program before bedtime
      You can watch relaxing videos to disconnect from daily stress.
        At hilovisual.TV you’ll find relaxing videos of Nature that are ideals.
    5.- Listen to music that relaxes you.
    6.- Reading in bed.
     Reading also helps you prepare for rest .
    7.- Practicing breathing exercises and relaxation.
    8.- Meditate before going to bed.
    9.- If after all you can not sleep , get up and make something relaxing ..

Remember, pleasure and joy actually come from your mind. So try not to obsess, forget the clock, take out worries and ” mentally” visualize something that makes you feel good.

Sweet dreams !

Do you know any trick to help us sleep ?