FAQ – Healing and Relaxing Nature Videos Project

Hilovisual.TV is an artistic collection of nature videos to download, created with nature sounds, so-called videoAmbient and produced by the members of LEPTONES, SCP. This project is not a video editing stock footage. We are filmmakers and nature lovers painting scenery on digital video works.

Alvaro’s love of Art and the outdoors, and Gloria’s love of Nature and technology have been amplified by their passion for videography and photography. The combination of passions has forged the path toward this artistic audiovisual project that started in 2010. Thanks to their ongoing search of authentic nature landscapes, you can watch a broad variety of nature landscapes of around the world that provide the healing nature’s accompaniment, while they allow the audience to stay focused while connecting with nature. A great present for all eyes …. and ears!!!

At this moment, you can get instant access to up to 17 short ambient videos and some long nature videos for free if you want to take a look and try their de-stress and healing sensations, visit Demo Videos.

You can also enjoy more than 20 hours of nature videos online -without advertisements, although, the videos purchased under the private license of use are signed with our logo as a small watermark. All videos have real sounds of nature of landscapes of around the world, and have been carefully chosen for their ability as stress relievers to provide a relaxing atmosphere that promotes concentration and inspiration.

Nature videos to download

Why should I register on hilovisual.TV?
You must be registered and purchase a subscription in order to enjoy the all Premium Videos.

If you are registered you will be informed about new videos and promotions . It also allows you to introduce your comments. As always, we respect your privacy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What can I buy?
We offer a monthly subscription to the Premium Nature Videos, which provides you a license to project those videos in a private location as long as you were subscribed. From only pay 4.99 euros per month you can get ACCESS to all our nature videos, and you can unsubscribe at your convenience!!!

You can also acquire a license for personal use by downloading these videos as individual files whatever video selected from any of our nature videos available on Gumroad.

The content presented on this site is not for commercial use without agreement. If you are interested in a public projection, please contact us at info@hilovisual.tv

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How can I watch these videos on my TV monitor?

Will the Purchased Video File Have a Watermark?
Yes – At this moment all purchased files have a very small watermark in the corner of the video. (If you are interested in zero watermarks, please contact us.)

Am I allowed to use the video(s) I download for creative projects?
Not unless you purchase a commercial license, or have contacted Leptones SCP and have received written permission to do so. Generally speaking, if your project involves re-uploading the video to YouTube, Internet or any public projection or distribution, a commercial license will be required. The good news is our licensing fees are very flexible depending on your project’s goals.

What to do when you are watching online videos and their playback stutters, jitters or chops.
Often this issue is met on computers with slow processors or not enough memory. We propose some suggestions that can be done to help you resolve stutters.

How can I support this project?
We love to do this project, because we trully believe it can encourage people to feel well. You can help us in many ways, one is by subscribing to our Premium section, but you can also support this project by sharing our demo videos in your social networks like Facebook or Twiter. Or maybe you would like to be a collaborator, please contact us.

Soon in DVD-video and BLU-RAY Disc!!!
Currently a Blu-Ray version is available for some of the premium videos – with the highest quality Full-HD and 5.1 surround sound. If you are interested on a Blu-Ray version, please contact us at info@hilovisual.tv.