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Ambient Video “ART”

Ambient videos are designed to be played in the background of our screens, being attractive visually and creating a pleasant ambience in the space. You can take a glance at any moment and feel engaged with them, though at the same time you can take away your attention at any time. Some artists call this artistic expression “Video Painting” because you can see every sequence of the video as an alive photo or picture moving slowly, capturing the essence of time. Brian Eno and Jim Bizzocchi have defined deeply the concept of ambient music and ambient videos and if you want to know more, we suggest looking for their inspiring works.

Hilovisual.TV, and LePToNeS have developed art videos and other kind of audiovisual productions for many years. As a result of this long experience, time has come that we share our own work with people and get fully involved in this experimental, decorative and artistic audiovisual expression.

We appreciate your support and encouragement during all these years!

Great combination: Chromecast and hilovisual.TV

Thanks to Google Chromecast you can watch all the videos online of hilovisual.TV on your television even if it’s not a Smart TV. This little and powerful device is connected through a HDMI connector on your TV set and it’s configured to your WiFi network. Without video cables and in a very easy way, you can send audiovisual contents to your TV from any tablet o smartphone Android, iPhone o iPad, and also from your computer using Google Chrome for Windows o Mac (install Google Cast for Chrome).

20 tips to stay creative

Knowing that brain has plasticity which gives us the hability to change our mind at any age. Why don’t we try to mantain all his possibilities?
Today we propose you some tips to support our creativity.

1.- Have fun
2.- Go somewhere new
3.- Try to do something new every day
4.- Be open
5.- Get lots of rest
6.- Try free writing
7.- Try free painting
8.- Carry a notebook everywhere
9.- Make lists of ideas and thoughts
10.- Practice, practice and … practice


11.- Don’t worry about mistakes
12.- Relax your mind
13.- Use your unusual hand to write or eat
14.- Clean your workspace
15.- Get away from the computer
16.- Flow, don’t force it
17.- Read a random page of a dictionary
18.- think about 10 different uses of any object
19.- Ask questions
20.- Collaborate with creative people

Do you have any rituals to train your creativity?

Big Sur – Soul and sounds of nature

This relaxing video is a part of the official “Big Sur” ,a Nature Film with wind and water sounds, a pleasant travel through the landscapes of the Californian coast which inspired Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller and many other artists.

Like in this video trailer, all the images of BIG SUR are filmed at a slow pace with real nature sounds in order to provide a conscious view of those beautiful locations and to help you to feel concentrated in your labor when you let the movie to flow as an open window on your room.

Woolamai – The Pinnacles

¡¡¡ New PREMIUM video available !!!

From Phillip Island, the island of kangaroos where the sea sculpts the landscape and life flows quietly: “Woolamai – The Pinnacles”.

The power of Nature

It is well known that walking in a field in the nature is a healthy activity. And curiously, a video with virtual landscapes also can provide us well-being. Although of course it’s not a substitute of a true one, however it is helpful to improve our concentration.

Klaus Wilhelm in his article “The power of Nature” published in Mente y Cerebro – Investigación y Ciencia, mentions that a team of British and German researchers found out that video images of nature were helpful to improve our concentration under adverse conditions.

Naturaleza y psique