Playback Guide on TV monitors

Playback from a USB pendrive or Portable External Hard Drive on your TV – For digital DOWNLOADS!

To playback the videos from a USB connected to your TV, all you need to do is:
1) select the video(s) you want from the DOWNLOAD page or
2) click on ‘I want this’ option and then checkout to receive instant download links.
3) download the file(s).
VIDEOS: in the MP4 format (H.264) / ONLY AUDIO: in MP3 format
*** 5.1 SURROUND SOUND ***
4) transfer the files to the USB drive (creating a separate folder for all videos is recommended, as well as a separate folder for audio files)
5) insert your USB drive into your TV. From there, use your TV’s remote to switch to the USB input and select / play the videos.
*** Note that most pendrives do not accept files larger than 4GB, so playing back extended length 4K videos or HD videos is not achievable, unless you are playing them back on a portable external hard drive.

Google Chromecast

If your TV doesn’t have a USB connexion or you have purchased the PREMIUM subscription you can beam our videos to your Chromecast-installed TV easily from a computer or other devices:
To cast, simply press the CAST button on your browser (if accessing from a computer) or directly on the video via (if casting from a phone or tablet).


Using an HDMI or Mini HDMI Cord
Using either an HDMI cord or a Display Port Adapter to HDMI, you can connect your laptop or desktop computer to your TV or monitor.

To do so on a Mac: simply plug in the cable, then on your computer, go to System Preferences>Displays and turn on mirroring.

And on a Windows computer, after you plug in the cable, right click the desktop and in Screen Resolution set Multiple displays: Duplicate or Extend.



In order to get the most of the healing power of natural sounds, the use of high quality speakers or headphones is recommended.

Still have questions? Please, contact hilovisual.TV support