Stuttering video – How to solve

What to do when you are watching online videos on your computer and their playback stutters, jitters or chops.
Often this issue is met on computers with slow processors or not enough memory. We propose some suggestions that can be done to help you resolve this annoying situation.

0.- Restart your device and temporarily pause other Internet activities

Restarting your streaming device, Internet modem, and/or router can resolve most intermittent connectivity issues

You could temporarily pause other Internet activity in your device or other devices connected to the same internet connection, it’ll help increase the bandwith available to watch the video.

1.- Close background applications

Each program running in the background will take some of your system resources, which if already limited, can cause you computer to become slow causing videos to stutter. Make sure any open programs are closed and disable background programs from starting up each time your computer boots up.

2.- Close tabs in your browser or set up different profiles with Chrome to reduce the number of tabs opened at the same time

3.- Change your Windows 10 wallpaper settings.

4.- Try an alternative browser.

If you’re still having issues try an alternative browser to make sure it’s not the Internet browser fault. For example, if you’re using Opera or Firefox try watching a video in Google Chrome. We also suggest trying the HTML5 version.

5.- Decrease resolution disabling 4K option

If you are using a small screen maybe you don’t need to watch videos in 4K resolution. Decreasing the resolution can also often increase the performance of full screen video since it will not require as much from the computer, but of course, you loose quality.

6.- Update video drivers

Having the latest video drivers on your computer can make a big difference. We highly recommend you make sure you have the latest video drivers or that you update the video drivers.

7.- Firefox problems – disable hardware acceleration

If you have difficulties with the playback of a video on Firefox, we suggest you to try disabling hardware acceleration. Follow these instructions to do so: How to turn off hardware acceleration in Firefox

Finally, if none of the above suggestions worked, consider upgrading the system memory in your computer.

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