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Ambient Video “ART”

Ambient videos are designed to be played in the background of our screens, being attractive visually and creating a pleasant ambience in the space. You can take a glance at any moment and feel engaged with them, though at the same time you can take away your attention at any time. Some artists call this artistic expression “Video Painting” because you can see every sequence of the video as an alive photo or picture moving slowly, capturing the essence of time. Brian Eno and Jim Bizzocchi have defined deeply the concept of ambient music and ambient videos and if you want to know more, we suggest looking for their inspiring works.

Hilovisual.TV, giottofilms.com and LePToNeS have developed art videos and other kind of audiovisual productions for many years. As a result of this long experience, time has come that we share our own work with people and get fully involved in this experimental, decorative and artistic audiovisual expression.

We appreciate your support and encouragement during all these years!